Vision International saw over 200,000 people receive salvation at their Suryapet, India Crusade. Check out our videos to see more.

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Brian Essary is the president and founder of Vision International, an organization dedicated to reaching unreached parts of the world with the gospel and empower the body of Christ to walk in the supernatural. Brian has traveled extensively throughout the United States and overseas, motivating and encouraging hundreds of thousands.  Through his mass miracle crusades and networking with church planting programs he has seen over one million people come to Christ and hundreds of national churches planted throughout the unreached villages of India.
Brian is motivated by the belief that you can impact a region through a crusade but you will only change a nation through the national ministers. He is currently involved in training young national men and women in India and other nations through Bible schools and ministry training programs. Through regular pastor conferences, Brian is also involved in the ongoing training of the 1,200 pastors and gospel leaders who have already been sent out all over India.

As a child, Brian was healed of potentially life-threatening ailments.  Today, he shares his knowledge and experience in God’s provision for miracles and has watched God heal hundreds of sick bodies, both abroad and in the United States.  Brian is dedicated to imparting into others what he has learned and to empower the body of Christ to walk in the supernatural with God.  He is confident that every believer has God’s ability in them to be a history maker to this generation.

Mission Statement:
Vision International is raising up gospel leaders in this generation to invade unreached parts of the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement:

  • To reach one million people to Christ and plant hundreds of churches each year among the unreached parts of the world through our Gospel Crusades.
  • To raise up one thousand gospel leaders and send them out to spearhead the gospel in places where Christ is not yet named.
  • To teach, demonstrate, empower and release believers how to walk in miracles so they can have confidence to demonstrate the gospel to those around them who do not know Christ.
  • Through crusades and duplication, we want to see one billion people in our generation reached for Christ.